Jacqueline Cancelliere


Jacqueline Cancelliere, CEO, Counsellor, and Coach at yourwellnessjc.com, Reiki Master, Mind-Body and Meditation Coach, and co-author who empowers with her breakthrough stories about personal struggles to encourage self awareness, self love, and personal growth.

Jacqueline is a compassionate entrepreneur who works to awaken the spirit and passion within everyone she meets. Her journey has guided her to specialize in a mindful practice where she particularly connects with those suffering from eating disorders, anxiety, victims of assault, and those who are grieving.

She found her purpose in her story and she dedicates her life to helping others heal themselves and do what she feels is the hardest thing to do in life - to love yourself unconditionally.

Website: www.yourwellnessjc.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yourwellnessjc.

Instagram: yourwellness.jc

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