Marla David


Marla David is a retired stay-at-home Mom, Life Coach (Positive Lifestyle Coaching), speaker, writer, co-author of six #1 International Bestsellers (Empowering Women to Succeed Volume II: From Burnout to Victory and Volume III: Bounce, 365 Moments of Grace, 365 Life Shifts, Goodness Abounds, and The Sisterhood Folios: Living Out loud). Marla attained certifications including TESOL, NLP Practitioner, Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner, Life Coach, Master Life Coach, Life Coach Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Coach in Life Optimization, Basic Hypnotic Communicator, Reiki I and II. Marla is an advocate for women and children, poverty, and animals, and has recently joined as a member of the initiative, Women for Nature, part of Nature Canada, furthering her love of nature (and her Facebook page Roses and Rainbows). Marla lives her life of passion every day, spending time with family and friends, travel, arts, and culture. She is an avid reader on personal growth topics and loves to share her skills with others as part of her journey in giving back to society.

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