Onika L. Dainty


Onika Dainty is a 35-year-old up-and-coming Toronto based writer and podcaster. She has a background in History, Public Relations and Event Management. Her experience with mental health has given her a unique perspective on life and she has channelled those experiences into her online talk show The DaintyDysh Podcast. The show focuses on the topics that most touch her life—mental health, love, relationships, sex, gender politics and popular culture. Onika is dedicated to changing the way people think about mental health by sharing her knowledge and wisdom on this new platform. She is heavily involved in the mental health community and hopes to one day spearhead a project that raises awareness for the cause.

Websites: www.onikadainty.com www.daintydysh.com

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Facebook @OnikaDainty https://www.facebook.com/onika.dainty

Instagram @BestofOnika https://www.instagram.com/bestofonika/?hl=en

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