Timea Belej-Rak


Timea Belej-Rak, MD, will help you embrace Your Fertility and Your Femininity and empower you with tools to help you succeed. She is a practicing fertility specialist and gynaecologist who has learned from her patients that they hold the key to their success. In opening her centre, Procrea Fertility Centre, she has incorporated holistic techniques such as acupuncture, naturopathy, TCM, health coaching, hypnosis and Western modalities, all within the clinic, to maximize everyone’s success. She is also a trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, a master coach and a master Time Line Therapy practitioner, as well as board certified at the School of Hypnosis. After working through her own journey of fertility challenges, SARS and cancer, she has pursued her Whole Health Medicine certification to bring peace and healing to those who come to see her. She is continuing to expand her horizons by further training through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Website: www.drbelejrak.com

Website: http://www.procreafertility.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timea.belejrak

Twitter: @tbelejrak

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